Archaeological Museum (eminönü)
In the Archaeological Museum of Istanbul, presents rare works of art belonging to ancient civilizations in different regions from Balkans to Africa, from Anatolia and Mesopotamia to Arab Peninsula and…

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Marine fossils
Special containment procedures: SCP-477 must be in the building with climate control, labelled as Area 44. The building was built using only metal and wood, no stone or concrete building…

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Another ancient street has been discovered by the archaeologists in charge

On the territory of the demolished hotel “Russia” found another old street, presumably of the XII century, according to the Institute of archaeology RAS.

During excavations in Zaryadye. where a unique landscape Park, scientists have discovered the oldest street of Moscow Posad – outside Great. It originated at a very early stage of development of the city – perhaps as early as the XII century.

According to Leonid Belyaev, head of the excavations, street led from the Kremlin to the Marina and is one of the oldest construction phase of the city in XII-XIII centuries.

During excavations, archaeologists found many ceramic items of the XV-XVII centuries and architectural details, carved stone 1490-1500, the fragment of a pilaster from the temple or Palace with rare ornamentation in the form of closely woven in a continuous carpet trehpryadnye bands.

We will remind, this summer, archaeologists found a wooden bridge of the seventeenth century, which according to historical plans lay on the Curve lane. This famous shopping street found in the Eastern part of the future Zaryadye Park.

Here were found the copper coins, crockery, small items of sculpture and even Shoe tips that could be lost by the inhabitants of ancient Zaryadye.

The complex of archaeological activities on the territory of the future Park is done so that during excavation and construction of pojemnikowe to preserve the historical cultural layer.

Previously the Deputy mayor of Moscow on urban policy and construction Marat Khusnullin said that the landscape Park “Zaryadye” is scheduled to open in 2017 when the city will celebrate its 870th anniversary.

“We are working on the construction of the Philharmonic building in the territory of the future Park. The facility employs about 350 people,” – said Marat Khusnullin.

According to him, actively under construction and underground Parking. It will be ready in October.

A comprehensive project for renovation and improvement of the “Zaryadye” includes the creation of a new Park in Moscow, the Philharmonic building, landscaping Moskvoretskaya embankment and restoration of architectural monuments – churches and other historic buildings located on the street Varvarka.

On the territory of the Zaryadye Park, covers an area of 11 hectares, will be transferred to four typical Russian landscape zones: tundra, steppe, forest and meadows. Experts will create an artificial microclimate in different parts of the Park with the help of new technologies – such as temperature regulation, wind control and natural light simulation.

One of the main contentious issues between creationists and evolutionists — how fossils were formed gradually, over millions of years, or as a result of catastrophes on a planetary scale?…


The archaeologists will conduct excavations in the places of ancient settlements
Further studies will allow to reconstruct this area in a period when there lived ancient people, and also to carry out the analogy and connection with archaeological sites of the…

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