Submerged ancient city in the Azov district
Farm herd often comes to this place, while on the island don in the water around the mouth of the don. It turned out that horses resting at the walls…

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The ancient Chinese were placed in burials of the bronze utensils to indicate the status of the relatives of the deceased
Archaeologists have proposed an alternative explanation for why ancient Chinese were placed in the graves of bronze and clay utensils. This was done not only to emphasize the status of…

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The Babylonians used the integrals for astronomical calculations

Archaeologists have deciphered the texts of ancient Babylonian cuneiform tablets with astronomical calculations. This example mathematical and geometrical astronomy was the earliest known to science. As reported in the journal Science, the analysis of the plates showed that the ancient Babylonians used geometric methods of computation for determining the position of Jupiter in advance of the Europeans. Contrary to previous views of scientists, it was found that V.

Archaeologists have found new Stonehenge

Next to Stonehenge was found hidden under a layer of earth monolithic stone blocks, reports “bi-Bi-si”. New Stonehenge or superking can be part of the largest British monument of the Neolithic era, according to archaeologists. Stones age 4.5 thousand years reach a length of 4.5 meters. Giant boulders were found at a depth of 0.9 meters from the largest stone age settlement in Darington-uolls. The project team.

Excavations of the “Crimean Atlantis” resumed

Near Kerch, near the village of Naberezhne (Leninsky district of the Crimea), started a new field season of the archaeological expedition, which operates in a flooded sea the city of Acre. Due to the fact that a large part of the monument at present is hidden under the water, the media is often called acre “Crimean Atlantis”. The beginning of work was reported by the press service of the Institute of history of material culture RAS (St.-Petersburg). This.

Pojemnikowa, built 5000 years ago found in Cappadocia

The largest of the currently known underground cities in Turkey found in the historical region of Cappadocia in the Central part of the country, its age is about 5000 years, according to the newspaper Hurriyet. Cappadocia is a picturesque historic site 250 kilometers from Ankara, it is included in the world heritage list of UNESCO. Famous bizarre volcanic landscape. Ancient.

Archaeologists plan to excavate the Palace in the ancient capital of the Golden Horde

Astrakhan archaeologists plan this year to start excavations of the Palace in the alleged “Selitrennoe settlement” in Astrakhan, the ancient capital of the Golden Horde, known as the city Barn, told RIA Novosti the candidate of historical Sciences, head of the Museum “Selitrennoe settlement” – a branch of the Astrakhan Museum-reserve Eugene Pigarev. Selitrennoe the settlement in Astrakhan, also known as the ancient capital of one.

In the Azov district, archaeologists discovered an ancient port city
Perhaps in a short time on excavations in the village of don, the Azov area are detected unusual underwater finds. At the mouth of the don river, archaeologists found, presumably,…


Climate change killed ancient city of Mexico
The decline of the ancient cities in Mexico and in some other regions of contemporary Latin America could become a serious climate change that led to the departure of the…

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