The ancient city of Pompeii, the death and the fate of the city
The ancient city of Pompeii was founded in the 6th century BC If not for the eruption of the volcano Vesuvius, which burned the entire city to the ground, covering…

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Memory, history of the mound Saur-Grave to the destruction in the summer of 2014
Standing in the Donbass as a natural time hill called Saur–Grave. It consists of two parts. Top – towering above ground bulk mound with a diameter of thirty feet and…

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In Sochi rescue excavations of ancient settlements

Security full-scale rescue excavations of archaeological sites within the area of Olympic construction.

Archaeological excavations included in the project “Protection of Imereti lowland”. In the course of this year planned excavations of the settlements of the early iron age Fun 1, Fun 2, Southern cultures 1 and the early Christian Church, reports RIA Novosti.

Before in the area of monuments construction begins, they need to explore, get all sorts of scientific data, thereby preserving information about the distant past. For this purpose at these sites is necessary to conduct archaeological excavations.

It is interesting that earlier territory of the Imereti lowland was considered not very promising for the archaeological community, but the construction of Olympic facilities has prompted the archaeologists to start the excavation.

“On the territory of Sochi is the first large-scale excavations of the monuments of this time. Them (the excavations) were conducted. In fact, this area in the archaeological value are very poorly studied,” said head of the Sochi group of the Institute of archaeology RAS novel in Passing.

Imeretinskaya lowland is studied the last two years, during this time found 12 archaeological sites. The age of the first pottery found have already identified – the second half of V – first half of IV centuries BC, the Antique ceramics found in sleevecase 1. This monument enters the primary zone of Olympic construction, it will house the operations control Center. “Here lived the tribes of melanchlens, and a little further in Abkhazia, the Colchians lived. Our excavations will help to shed light on the tribes that are identified by ancient sources, specifically with people who have left these monuments in this area”, – said Roman in Passing. As a result of this work was excavated settlements of the V-IV centuries.

Now archaeologists began the next monument – the village is Fun 2, here, too, the finds are dated to the early iron age. After a Fun 2 archaeologists will proceed with the settlement of the Southern culture and the early Christian Church. All the work they plan to complete in October this year.

“In the future should consider the museumification of the remnants of foundations and walls of this unique scientific and cultural significance of the archaeological monument as an early Christian temple, to the excavations which the Institute of archaeology of the Russian Academy of Sciences plans to start in September,” – said the representative of the state Corporation “Olympstroy”.

Archaeologists have discovered two ancient settlements in Primorye
Archaeologists during excavations found near the village of Artyom in the Primorye two settlements of ancient people of the Neolithic and the iron age, told RIA Novosti on Tuesday head…


Amazing archaeological finds in America
We all learn history at school and University, and know that our civilization, the civilization of Homo sapiens, not more than 10 thousand years. Someone pushes those limits to 15…

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