Amazing archaeological finds in America
We all learn history at school and University, and know that our civilization, the civilization of Homo sapiens, not more than 10 thousand years. Someone pushes those limits to 15…

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The head of archaeological expedition Vladimir Septic: excavations, excursions and interesting vacation
Traditionally in the summer for several years in a row, the Ukrainian research Institute im. I. Nan NAN of Ukraine with the support of the Board and of the trade…

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Scientists have described findings that shed light on the rites of the ancient inhabitants of Siberia.

Land of the Novosibirsk region has been inhabited by people since ancient times. Here were found traces of a primitive people, the inhabitants of the medieval nomads of the iron age. Thousands of years ago there was a settlement and, perhaps, the ancient city. There was a developed trade network, representatives of different peoples exchanged goods and technologies, fought and organized unions. Some of the findings of scientists from the Novosibirsk Institute of archaeology and Ethnography of the Russian Academy of Sciences shed light on mystery stories, some create new puzzles.

So, in one of the graves of the Siberian warrior was discovered broadsword, rolled three times. According to the Deputy Director of the Institute of archaeology and Ethnography SB RAS, doctor of historical Sciences Michael Shunkov, when the life of a warrior it was a normal weapon with a length of about one meter. After death the body was burned, broadsword, according to the customs, also killed, shattering it.

Many interesting discoveries were made during excavations in the boneyard “Tartas -1” Vengerskom in the area. To date studied more than 600 funerary complexes. Found that people here lived from vremennaia and before the iron age. Most likely, they were different nationalities. This is indicated by a different treatment of the bodies. Found graves with the remains of a body, and with traces of cremation – more recent and complex ritual. Many graves are accompanied by additional burials.

For example, the burial of the person – apparently, the noble warrior is adjacent to two graves of horses. Some graves were plundered. As archaeologists believe, perhaps it was the attempt of his contemporaries to belittle the status of the deceased, outrage over his memory.

So, here traces odincovskoe culture living in the bronze age. The representatives of this culture began to develop bronze. In the region for ore deposits there are no likely raw material was imported. He was transported either in the South of Kazakhstan, or from the West from the Urals.

Later representatives came Andronov (Fedorov) culture, representing evripidou race. Outwardly they were like modern Gypsies. Supposedly Andronovo people came from the territory of modern Kazakhstan. About two thousand years ago, they have mastered the huge territory from Central Kazakhstan to the Yenisei, in the South came to India and in the West to the Volga.

It is established that the representatives of this culture were not only pastoralists, but also excellent hunters and fishermen. In their diet was a lot of fish. Another interesting finding associated with the cuisine of the Andronovo people, is a dish made from the bones of elk antler. It was discovered in a burial mound near the human body.

Most likely, the ancient Siberians “collected” for the life of the dead in the afterlife, folding them with the necessary household things.

Interestingly, in a burial ground discovered a lot of pieces of jade, stone mined in the Northern Urals and East Siberia. Mostly it was used to ritualnie products – figurines of idols and plates.

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