In Greece nisli the ruins of three ancient cities
Archaeologists have discovered in Northern Greece, between the towns of Kozani and Florina remains of the prehistoric settlement, which existed here for about 6 thousand years BC. The report of…

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Fossils, petrified animals and plants
Fossils are living objects of former geological epochs, people discovered during earthworks or exposed through erosion. Fossils preserve for us important information about the era in which they were formed,…

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The reserve is detained “black diggers”

June 2, 2015 the staff of Department of protection of reserved territory detained two residents of p. Ibresi during illegal archaeological excavations in Alatyrsky area of the reserve. They had metal detectors, shovels and a range of found artifacts.

Just being on the reserve without specific permission is a violation of the excavations is a violation of double jeopardy, not only a protection regime for the protected areas, and legislation on cultural heritage.

The inspectors drew up a Protocol on violation of a protection regime for the preserve “prisurskiy”.

Violators fully admitted his guilt. The implements used in the Commission of the offence and the seized artifacts. Determined the damages for the damage to the soil cover.

On 4 June in respect of “black diggers” made the decision on administrative punishment. Currently solves a question on transfer of artifacts to cultural institutions, and information about offenders to the national authority for the protection of cultural heritage.

Alexander Sevastyanov, Deputy Director of the environmental protection and ecological safety

Reference from Wikipedia: “Black archeologists” (also “the arch”, “diggers”, “the field researcher”, “foresters”,”Kurganskii”, “Borovichi”) are individuals or organized groups involved in the search for historical artifacts at archaeological sites, not having an “open”, that is, official permission for the scientific study of the monument, which puts them outside the law. In the title, plays up the juxtaposition with “white archaeologists”, that is with the scientists. Archaeologists, historians and other concerned people are protesting against the use of the word “archaeology” for black diggers, which belong to the world of crime. The destruction of archaeological sites to the detriment of cultural heritage, denying science the opportunity to restore many of the pages of history. Against the activities of black archaeologists and distributors of metal detectors in Russia are some archaeologists, historians and other concerned citizens. In some countries of Europe the sale of metal detectors is prohibited, and in some countries of the former USSR (Lithuania, Moldova, Ukraine) are prohibited without a special permit to use metal detectors in the organization of scientific and archaeological research.

The most important archaeological discoveries of the year
Archaeology magazine summed up the year and ranked the most important archaeological discoveries and findings. 1. Revealed the composition of a blue dye of the Maya. This paint used to…


Another ancient street has been discovered by the archaeologists in charge
On the territory of the demolished hotel "Russia" found another old street, presumably of the XII century, according to the Institute of archaeology RAS. During excavations in Zaryadye. where a…

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