Scientists have described findings that shed light on the rites of the ancient inhabitants of Siberia.
Land of the Novosibirsk region has been inhabited by people since ancient times. Here were found traces of a primitive people, the inhabitants of the medieval nomads of the iron…

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Memory, history of the mound Saur-Grave to the destruction in the summer of 2014
Standing in the Donbass as a natural time hill called Saur–Grave. It consists of two parts. Top – towering above ground bulk mound with a diameter of thirty feet and…

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The oldest city of India

Once again introduce you to the mysterious archaeological finds, riddles which remain unsolved.

In New Zealand, in a cave on mount Owen was discovered paw flightless bird MoA, which became extinct about 500 years ago. Now all I wonder how the animal managed to get up the mountain.

In China there are caves that were hollowed out man in a fine-grained Sandstone. The cave appeared long before the reign of the Qing dynasty, i.e. before the third century BC Mentioning about these caves not found anywhere else.

In Bolivia at the altitude of 3825 meters above sea level, is a mysterious stone structure. According to one version it is here that first people appeared on earth. Astrological and astronomical value of images on the stones are still not solved.

This hillfort is located on the territory of Canada near Newfoundland. He is about 1000 years, which is proof that the Vikings visited North America long before Christopher Columbus.

In Turkey on the Armenian highland is a very interesting temple complex, shed light on many old customs. It is noteworthy that the temple was built before around it grew the city.

Still unsolved manuscript book, some issledovatelnitsa on extinct Mexican dialect, other researchers believe that this encrypted message in some Asian language.

The underwater city of Yonaguni

In Japan, off the coast of the island of Yonaguni can be found underwater city with monumental buildings, having a plurality of flat surfaces and right angles. There is a version that is not ancient city, and the creation of nature itself.

The tunnels of the Stone age

How people lived in the Stone age, managed with their primitive technology to build an extensive system of complex tunnels, not known.

Stone balls of Costa Rica

The diameter of the balls vary, from tiny to huge, however, the origin and destination is not known.

Unfinished obelisk in Egypt

Right in the rock was cut down this ancient monument, but the granite was cracked, but because the obelisk was left unfinished.

The ancient city is located in the Sindh province of Pakistan and is considered to be one of the first urban settlements. The city was built not chaotically, there is a layout and drainage system. The city’s population was about 40,000 people.

In Peru in Cusco is the structure of rocks and boulders that are without any connecting solution very closely adjacent to each other. What role was played by this monument and who built it, is not known.

One of the main contentious issues between creationists and evolutionists — how fossils were formed gradually, over millions of years, or as a result of catastrophes on a planetary scale?…


In Kherson region "black archeologists" destroyed Scythian Kurgan
Druzhbivka near the village of Nyzhni Sirohozy district, Kherson region on the road passing villagers found a suspicious fuss in viewscasa in the middle of the Scythian mound. Concerned residents…

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