The oldest city of India
Once again introduce you to the mysterious archaeological finds, riddles which remain unsolved. In New Zealand, in a cave on mount Owen was discovered paw flightless bird MoA, which became…

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In the treasure, which was found in the East of Britain, included 26 coins, including gold and silver.
During the excavation in Dovedale (Derbyshire, UK) archeologists from the National Fund, the University of Leicester and participants of the project "Operation Nightingale" discovered a hoard, which contained coins of…

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Amazing archaeological finds in America

We all learn history at school and University, and know that our civilization, the civilization of Homo sapiens, not more than 10 thousand years. Someone pushes those limits to 15 thousand years, but there is another view that humanity is much older, and our history should consist of not thousands, but millions of years. There is some evidence that official archaeology does not take into account.

In principle, this is understandable, because some of the fake artifacts, many unusual natural formations. But there are facts that he does not fit into the conventional framework of world history.

This article lists only some of them, and it would be very interesting to know the opinion of the readers – how do you feel about these facts?

1. In the mid 20-ies nineteenth century prospectors from the United States discovered a huge number of skeletons of people, the structure of which is 100 percent identical with the structure of the skeleton of modern man. Furthermore, they found tools, tools. All these findings were studied by archaeologists, government group. It turned out that the remains and tools were buried in rocks Dating back at least 50 million years.

2. In 1928, working polneyshiy from Oklahoma, USA, Heverin, found at a depth of several hundred meters of concrete blocks in coal. Moreover, the blocks were very regular cubic shape with a side length of 30 centimeters. All parties were very well polished.

3. Even earlier, in 1982, in one of the quarries of Dorchester was found a metal vase that explosion broke it into two parts. After both parts were combined, the result was a vase with a height of 12 inches and a wall thickness of 3 mm. Interestingly, on each side of the vessel depicted figures in the form of a flower, and it was decorated with silver. The vessel itself was found at a depth of nearly five meters from the surface.

4. In 1998 in Brazil were found amazing shells, which in fact were not. When laying roads along the coast, the builders kept running into the shells of mollusks, which were covered with a thin layer of gold. And after detailed research it turned out that these shells are actually works of human hands, crafts from the stone.

Most interesting is that on this rock there were no traces of processing and for the deposition of gold requires equipment, which did not exist before. And the age of the finds is impressive – 500 thousand years.

5. 1961 a few friends organized a visit to the California mountains to look for rocks, which could include amethyst crystals. The boys found some suitable pieces of rock, and took them with him.

After began to cut the rock, it turned out that inside was something like a ceramic, and in the center was placed a metal rod. Plus everything inside was copper spiral covering the ceramic rod.

Find they used x-rays, getting a picture, which you can see above. The age of the find is also dated to around 500 thousand years.

In General, there are a number of artifacts found by different people, both scientists and not, who do not fit into the world we imagine.

One of the main contentious issues between creationists and evolutionists — how fossils were formed gradually, over millions of years, or as a result of catastrophes on a planetary scale?…


The most unusual archaeological finds
Our world is built from many mysteries and puzzles, and a man who spent his life trying to solve them. On Earth periodically found some amazing things - from ancient…

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