The most unusual archaeological finds
Our world is built from many mysteries and puzzles, and a man who spent his life trying to solve them. On Earth periodically found some amazing things - from ancient…

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The most important archaeological discoveries of the year
Archaeology magazine summed up the year and ranked the most important archaeological discoveries and findings. 1. Revealed the composition of a blue dye of the Maya. This paint used to…

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In the treasure, which was found in the East of Britain, included 26 coins, including gold and silver.

During the excavation in Dovedale (Derbyshire, UK) archeologists from the National Fund, the University of Leicester and participants of the project “Operation Nightingale” discovered a hoard, which contained coins of corieltauvi (early iron age) and Roman times. This is the first case in the UK, so when coins of different origin found together.

The discovery is interesting not only because of the gold coins of the early iron age are rare, but the fact that it was made in the cave. Cave Reynards kitchen ( Reynard”s Kitchen Cave ) man has used them many times over the last 10 thousand years. During excavations in the late 50-ies of XX century there were found stone age tools, animal bones and fragments of pottery.

The first four coins in the cave was found by a local climber who was hiding in it from heavy rain. The climber was with a small IU. Read more “

The national Bank supported the initiative of the public and issued 100 thousand of commemorative medals “Heavenly hundred on the guard” . Govoritsa the press service of the National Bank of Ukraine.

“To the memory of brave men, patriots of Ukraine, the national Bank dedicates commemorative medal, commemorating the feat of the Heavenly hundred heroes”, – said the Chairman of the national Bank Stepan Kubiv.

The commemorative coin will be worth, as noted 20 USD. and in a gift box – 30 UAH.

Mass commemorative medals – 16.54 g, diameter – 35 mm.

“On the obverse of the coin image of the Archangel Michael surrounded by the Ukrainian ornament, under it the inscription: “Mommy, I’m sorry for black bandanna, for what will now be itself. I loved you and loved Ukraine, she, like you, I had one” and “to Heroes glory!”. On the reverse, the heroes of events of Ukrainian Maidan on the barricade. “, – stated in the message.

The Crimean Department of the National Bank of Ukraine declares that Ukrainian coins no one was withdrawn from circulation on the territory of Crimea, they are required to receive all types of payments, to be credited to the settlement account for transfers, writes UNIAN.

The shops of the Crimea began to take rubles

“The office of the National Bank of Ukraine in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea draws attention to the fact that the bargaining chip of Ukraine are valid means of payment on the territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol and has to be accepted without any restrictions at their nominal value in all payments, and crediting accounts, deposits and transfers”, – stated in the message of Department of cash circulation and cash operations of the Department of the NBU in the Crimea.

We will remind, in Simferopol city residents have begun to “shift” a trifle, some sellers refuse to take it. Drivers of some minibuses (fare &ndas. Read more ”

Confiscated by the Moldovan customs 728 old coins and 2 sculptures will become the property of Moldova and will go to the national Museum of history, reported the press service of the Customs service of the RM.

We are talking about artifacts that are found and confiscated, the customs officers at the customs post “Cahul – Oancea” in January of this year. Carrier’s historical sites detained.

Moldova reserves, according to national legislation, cultural and historical values, as no country until now has not declared the rights to them. The return of historical objects will happen only if they prove the theft from the Museum, from a private collection, from the exhibition.

According to examination, the old coins date back to the fourth century of our era, they are Greek, Romanian and Eastern origin. Are estimated in the tens of thousands of euros.

The reserve is detained "black diggers"
June 2, 2015 the staff of Department of protection of reserved territory detained two residents of p. Ibresi during illegal archaeological excavations in Alatyrsky area of the reserve. They had…


In Sochi rescue excavations of ancient settlements
Security full-scale rescue excavations of archaeological sites within the area of Olympic construction. Archaeological excavations included in the project "Protection of Imereti lowland". In the course of this year planned…

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