Scientists are starting the search in the Gulf of Mexico the remains of the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs
A group of geologists proceed with installation of the drilling rig, which will be located in the Gulf of Mexico. Experts hope to find the remains of the asteroid, 65…

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Archeologists have found in Central America, traces of an unknown civilization
Archaeological expedition, who returned from the jungles of Honduras, announced the discovery of the ruins of the city-States belonging to the unknown science of civilization. The expedition included scientists from…

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The most unusual archaeological finds

Our world is built from many mysteries and puzzles, and a man who spent his life trying to solve them.

On Earth periodically found some amazing things – from ancient cities, overturned our ideas about history, to objects that are covered with complete darkness. Here are 12 of the most surprising findings of archaeologists, reports the Chronicle with reference.

1. MoA mount Owen MoA was a flightless bird and became extinct about 500 years ago. So the researchers were shocked to find such a huge and well-preserved paw MoA in a cave on mount Owen in New Zealand. This discovery more than 3,000 years.

2. The Harrier grottoes These caves, hollowed-out man in a fine-grained Sandstone, are found in China to this day represent some of the mystery. They were created long before the Qin dynasty in the third century BC, however, no mention of them is not.

3. The gate of the Sun It’s like Stonehenge. The gates of the Sun – a very mysterious stone structure. They are at the altitude of 3825 meters above sea level in Bolivia – perhaps this is where the first people on Earth. Also, the images on the gate, apparently, had a certain astrological and astronomical value.

4. L’anse AUX meadows Is the site of ancient settlement on the territory of Newfoundland, Canada, which is about 1000 years, proves that the Vikings reached North America much earlier than he was born Christopher Columbus.

5. Gobekli Tepe This temple complex, located on the Armenian plateau in Turkey, has given humanity much in his understanding of ancient customs. The temple was built earlier than the city around it that shows how important was the cult for the residents of the city.

6. The manuscript of Voynich Manuscript the Voynich is still a mystery, since many of the assumptions about what language it is written. In 2014, two groups of scientists made the assumption that they have solved the mystery. The only problem was that their views were completely different. One group argued that it is extinct Mexican dialect, and the other – what is encrypted text in some Asian language.

7. The underwater city of Yonaguni is still some debate about whether these man-made underwater structure with many flat surfaces and right angles, or nature itself. They are located off the coast of the island of Yonaguni (Japan).

8. Stone age tunnels This extensive network of tunnels created by man and dates back to the Stone age. It remains to be seen how the people of that time could create such an extensive and complex system.

9. Stone balls of Costa Rica In Costa Rica, hundreds of granodiorite balls from the very small (3-4 cm) to large (3 m) in diameter. Archaeologists have not the slightest idea why they were needed and by whom created.

10. Unfinished obelisk in Egypt, This obelisk was carved out of the rock, but after over granite were cracked, the construction of the obelisk was not completed.

11. Mohenjo-Daro Is a place in the Sindh province of Pakistan is one of the earliest urban settlements in which there are signs of urban planning, social organization and the drainage system. In the ancient city lived about 40 000 people.

12. Sacsayhuaman These stones and boulders in Cusco, Peru so closely fitted to each other without any connective solution that you cannot put anything between two stones.

The oldest city of India
Once again introduce you to the mysterious archaeological finds, riddles which remain unsolved. In New Zealand, in a cave on mount Owen was discovered paw flightless bird MoA, which became…


Marine fossils
Special containment procedures: SCP-477 must be in the building with climate control, labelled as Area 44. The building was built using only metal and wood, no stone or concrete building…

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