In Kherson region "black archeologists" destroyed Scythian Kurgan
Druzhbivka near the village of Nyzhni Sirohozy district, Kherson region on the road passing villagers found a suspicious fuss in viewscasa in the middle of the Scythian mound. Concerned residents…

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Phaselis: ancient city on the Mediterranean coast (Turkey)
In the province of Antalya not far from Kemer is the ancient coastal city of Phaselis, which is an important historic attraction of Turkey. If we are to believe the…

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In the Caucasus mountains discovered the ancient grave of soldiers

In the highland district of the Krasnodar region, near the village of MESI, archaeologists have discovered the tomb of an ancient warrior. Despite the fact that the burial was looted in the “black” diggers necropolis, it inexplicably remained untouched…

That in the grave he slept a warrior, indicate found near the remains of two swords, forged from iron, with a length of 91 and 48 and a half inches. More a short sword, in all probability, was in the scabbard, of which there remained only decoration is the small flat brooch, inlaid with semi-precious stone agate. In the grave also was found a gold clasp, rock crystal and remains of animals – one cow, three horses and wild boar. Pets, most likely belonged to a buried warrior and the boar was a hunting trophy.

Near the graves at the necropolis, the researchers found a lot of old gold jewelry, as well as examples of ancient arms and armour.

The greatest interest from the point of view of cultural-historical importance are the fragments of two bronze helmets, one of which, judging by the preserved parts, was a depiction of curves of RAM’s horns, the other was decorated with various figures in the form of lines and zigzags.

According to experts, the age of the discovered artifacts is more than two thousand years, but attributed to ancient objects to any concretenode quite difficult. It is possible that the people who lived in the highlands of the Caucasus more than two centuries ago, had good trade connections with the neighbouring countries, e.g. Armenia and Georgia. The local population was also strongly influenced by Greek culture, however, maintained their own traditional way of life.

On the territory of the Acropolis, archaeologists are conducting research since 2005. A year before the official excavations of the Acropolis, was discovered and partially looted by Amateur treasure hunters.

During the work managed to establish that the Acropolis was used in the period from III century BC to the second century of our era.

Another ancient street has been discovered by the archaeologists in charge
On the territory of the demolished hotel "Russia" found another old street, presumably of the XII century, according to the Institute of archaeology RAS. During excavations in Zaryadye. where a…


Fossils, petrified animals and plants
Fossils are living objects of former geological epochs, people discovered during earthworks or exposed through erosion. Fossils preserve for us important information about the era in which they were formed,…

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