In tsimlyanskii district archaeologists conduct excavations of the settlement, which four thousand years
Thanks to the intervention of the public managed to defend the ancient archaeological monument in tsimlyanskii district, one kilometer South of the village of Krasnoyarsk. Now place 3-4 thousand years…

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In Lugansk found the remains of giant insects
Season of archaeological excavations is about to end because summer is over and there are not more than a month, for the discovery of new antiquities. In Lugansk region, archaeologists…

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The head of archaeological expedition Vladimir Septic: excavations, excursions and interesting vacation

Traditionally in the summer for several years in a row, the Ukrainian research Institute im. I. Nan NAN of Ukraine with the support of the Board and of the trade Union Committee of students and graduate students of the Lviv Polytechnic conducts search expeditions, exploring the territory of our region. About where will take place the excavations, said the head of the expedition from the Lviv Polytechnic Volodymyr Septic.

– This year students will have the opportunity to join the search expedition from July 10 to August 20. The expedition will start a little late due to the fact that the school year ends in late June. Want to give a little more time, so went home and took the necessary things. And in August will host an international conference based on this archaeological expedition.

Excavations, as in 2010, will be held on the territory of Ternopil region in the village Pronation. There to study the Paleolithic age, dates from 100 thousand to 70 thousand years BC. We seek tools of the first men, the remnants of their life that will be able to emphasize the peculiarity of this region, to determine what they were doing, which led lifestyle.

Already there are students who traveled more than once, who like aktivni healthy recreation. As well as attracting new members, particularly students from the Eastern regions who were with us last year, as well as of migrants from Donbass and Crimea, who are now studying in universities in our area. I think they will be interesting. In the Tauride national University named after V. I. Vernadsky is the coordinator of our project, which promises to bring their students. Last year, through the events in our country, we were joined by foreign search engines. I hope that this time will come the poles.

Life in the camp will, as always, interesting and active: accommodation in tents, meals, field kitchen, planned a number of excursions. Because the tail is an extremely interesting historical area of our country. Will travel to Ternopil, castle in Vishnevets, Pochayev, Fees, on the place where the battle took place Bogdan Khmelnitsky.

To participate in the expedition all students, regardless of their place of learning. For further information on the excavations can be found in the College and the trade Union Committee of students and postgraduates of our University (235 Kim. goal. corps University of technology) and sign up to participate in the excavations.

New discoveries of archaeologists Vyatka
The discovery of new, previously unknown group of the Mari tribes. Penny of the people's militia of Minin and Pozharsky, minted in Yaroslavl in 1612. German counting tokens of the…


The Museum of archaeology
Archaeology Museum of Volgograd state University opened in 1986 on the initiative of the first rector of Volgograd state University M. M. Zagorulko, the Dean of the history Department B.…

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