Memory, history of the mound Saur-Grave to the destruction in the summer of 2014
Standing in the Donbass as a natural time hill called Saur–Grave. It consists of two parts. Top – towering above ground bulk mound with a diameter of thirty feet and…

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Archaeologists: America was discovered in the stone age
New archaeological discoveries suggest that America was first opened back in the stone age, 10 thousand years before the arrival of the Siberian ancestors of the American Indians. To such…

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In Kherson region “black archeologists” destroyed Scythian Kurgan

Druzhbivka near the village of Nyzhni Sirohozy district, Kherson region on the road passing villagers found a suspicious fuss in viewscasa in the middle of the Scythian mound.

Concerned residents of rural Druzhbivka called head Sergey Nesterov, who immediately went to the place. And found that right at the historical memo five kilometers from Druzhbivka wielded “black archeologists”. Their arrogance was astounding: the mound was destroyed methodically in broad daylight, not shovels – worked here excavator defiantly red. And standing next to the minivan of the brand “Mitsubishi”, which was moving the vandals.

Village head called the police. But while guards traveled from the district to Druzhbivka, “black archeologists” realized that they were spotted and fled.

“Ten years ago our mound already tried to open – cut the top of it. Now the excavator dug four pit depth of three meters, however, access to artifacts from a burial interrupted them, – said Sergey Nesterov . – I went on the trail of criminals. They drove to the highway for common use, and there is already anything it was impossible to distinguish. I can tell only one: the vandals are definitely not one of our village – the red excavator farmer has.”

Residents of Druzhbivka hope that the police will help find the “black archeologists”, and holding them accountable for the destruction of historical monuments. Vejprty excavator – serious “clue”. Hardly drove at illegal excavations come from afar. too much fuel would be required.

As it turned out, directly on the historic memo in five kilometers from Druzhbivka wielded the so-called “black archeologists”. And their arrogance is simply astounding: among white day the mound continued to methodically destroy, not even shovels – worked at a place heavy equipment – excavator with a bright red color. And with him was the minivan “Mitsubishi”, which the vandals and moved through the area.

Village head immediately called the police. However, police reached the village from the district center, “black archeologists” realized that the “smell of fried”, and then disappeared.

In particular, according to Sergey Nesterov, ten years ago, “turbovsky” Kurgan already tried to open, and even cut him with the tip. Now the excavators have dug four test pits (up to three meters deep). However, the villagers still came in time, and prevented the hunters for the artifacts to get to the burial.

But on this head Druzhbivka did not stop – he went on the trail of criminals. And they brought the loop only to the highway, where it was impossible to disassemble, where went the criminals. But it is known that the vandals are not local.

The villagers hope that the police will be able to find the “black archeologists”, and after that attract their responsibility for acts that destroyed a historic reminder. Yes and very perceptible excavator is a serious “clue”.

The ancient city of Pompeii, the death and the fate of the city
The ancient city of Pompeii was founded in the 6th century BC If not for the eruption of the volcano Vesuvius, which burned the entire city to the ground, covering…


One of the main contentious issues between creationists and evolutionists — how fossils were formed gradually, over millions of years, or as a result of catastrophes on a planetary scale?…

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