Ancient buildings of the city of tyritake
The name of the ancient Greek city of tyritake mentioned in the essay Greek writer of the fifth century CE the Pseudo-Arrian, the author of geographical works "Detour Euxine Pontus".…

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The archaeologists will conduct excavations in the places of ancient settlements
Further studies will allow to reconstruct this area in a period when there lived ancient people, and also to carry out the analogy and connection with archaeological sites of the…

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Mysterious archaeological finds

Many, silenced by the governments of various countries unusual finds will tell a lot. So, the mystery of the age of individual objects from the Earth, fortunately, can be solved. So what is hidden from the eyes of an ordinary citizen?

The most mysterious archaeological finds

Crystal skull (Belize, 1927)

The distant jungles of Belize in the early twentieth century attracted the attention of the famous archaeologist Frederick Mitchell of Hedges. Then, at the beginning of his expedition, the scientist had no idea that will find an incredible crystal skull. An unusual finding was the size of a natural human skull and weighed 5 lbs. rhinestone have not had a single crack or scratch. When you open learned the local Indians, they immediately told the archaeologist that this is one of 13 possible instances created in order to discover the secrets of the universe. When Hedges conducted studies of crystal in the lab, I was shocked, because today unknown technology to create a similar figure.

Stone balls (Costa Rica)

When people discovered the Stonehenge, their surprise knew no bounds. Even now, scientists cannot explain how and why these have been exposed Kuenyehia. To this day, Stonehenge is considered to be the most interesting finding in the world.

However, spherical stones in Costa Rica may be their closest competitor.

This is a huge perfectly round boulders are of various sizes from 3-4 cm and up to an impressive 3 meters Why and who created them remains a mystery. Even the Photo of your unusual finds very impressive, not something that touched her live. One thing is clear – they are very ancient, and, therefore, could not then be cut in such a unique way.

Round tank Kugelpanzer observer (Germany)

It is known that the 3rd Reich was famous for his unusual inventions and terrible research. Still many people believe that knowledge of the Nazis is not only an earthly origin. Seeing round tank an ordinary observer of the German Kugelpanzer, you will definitely be shocked. How the Nazis could have thought of this at the time?

Round tank is truly the most unusual find of the Second world war. This technique is far ahead of its time. This armored vehicle, which was used for mobile monitoring of an enemy. Interestingly, drawings and any documentary evidence create a circular tank was not found.

Baltic anomaly (2011)

The seas and oceans and unexplored by man, even in a small measure. Not surprisingly, four years ago in the waters of the Baltic sea was opened a strange discovery in the form of huge fossils. It is assumed that this is part of an ancient space ship, forever frozen in the depths of the tank. The research project is not carried out, or they’re just hidden from normal humans. Scientists, as a rule, simply refuse to talk about it. So we have to wait for or refutation of the facts about the alien beginning, either on this topic even speak.

The mysterious metal sphere (Ottosdal, South Africa)

Africa is very rich in the number of discoveries, of which modern archaeologists can only speak in a whisper and alone. Many scientists have lost careers, trying to tell the world about their discoveries, because the Darwinian and the Church refuses to recognize the existence of such objects, and most importantly – their age.

So the town in question Ottosdal were found in the mines of metallic spheres of two types:

blue metal and with whitish spots;

hollow beads with porous centers.

Hundreds of these spheres were inscribed three perfect grooves around the equator. The sphere had a fibrous structure and a specific shell around it. To scratch or somehow damage the most mysterious gem in the world could not manage. But not even that shocking.

When scientists conducted all possible tests solid coal rocks around found objects, her age was equal to 2 billion 800 million years. Then, according to the materialistic doctrine of the Freemasons, the planet was not even the smallest organisms.

In tsimlyanskii district archaeologists conduct excavations of the settlement, which four thousand years
Thanks to the intervention of the public managed to defend the ancient archaeological monument in tsimlyanskii district, one kilometer South of the village of Krasnoyarsk. Now place 3-4 thousand years…


The ancient city of Pompeii, the death and the fate of the city
The ancient city of Pompeii was founded in the 6th century BC If not for the eruption of the volcano Vesuvius, which burned the entire city to the ground, covering…

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